Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nip, Tuck...Violetta..

Picked up a half finished project earlier today, nearly done now but needs a few finishing touches here and there and then we're... This dress is a complete mix of old patterns, new patterns, trial and error-patterns and a lot of elastics and last but not least, patience! The lilac silk is the fabric i dyed a few months back which i thought would look cute with a white pencil skirt. I could picture this dress on no problem but i did struggled to think of shoes to wear with it so i decided black killer heels would do it and that's how the black straps were born :-) I will upload a few pics later (a few pounds later...)wearing it ;)
For something similar, email me for details and price x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Macrame in L.O.V.E

Another inspiring DIY post by HonestlyWTF - I can't get enough of this site - I could spend hrs and hrs DYI'ing their stuff :) These will look so pretty on tanned summer arms :) For Instructions, CLICK HERE!!
here are my first two attempts - I haven't bought any materials so just used what i had in my little box. I used a charm from an old necklace and embroidery thread (not ideal, chinese knotting cord is better) which makes it a bit looser but works for now. Now that i remember how to do it, i will 'invest' in some better materials. I made the coral macrame bracelet with silver charm and the glass bead 'friendship' bracelet...