Monday, 1 October 2012

We're gooo-ing to the cha-pel and we're, gonna get ma-a-a-rried

Finally...after 18 months of sketching, designing, shopping, pinning, sewing (un-stitiching) an fitting, the day finally came!!! Mr and Mrs Wandsvik are now married and i must say, bride of the year did look stunning indeed!! So, for all of you who have patiently waited to see even a little hint of white silk - here's the dress i've so secretly been working on. A beautiful vintage style three layer silk dress with a long train, fitted one-shoulder top with silk chiffon wrap-over waist piece...and a gorgeous butterfly sleeve. It's a dream!! Also adding the maid of honor dresses i made in a greyish green chiffon.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nip, Tuck...Violetta..

Picked up a half finished project earlier today, nearly done now but needs a few finishing touches here and there and then we're... This dress is a complete mix of old patterns, new patterns, trial and error-patterns and a lot of elastics and last but not least, patience! The lilac silk is the fabric i dyed a few months back which i thought would look cute with a white pencil skirt. I could picture this dress on no problem but i did struggled to think of shoes to wear with it so i decided black killer heels would do it and that's how the black straps were born :-) I will upload a few pics later (a few pounds later...)wearing it ;)
For something similar, email me for details and price x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Macrame in L.O.V.E

Another inspiring DIY post by HonestlyWTF - I can't get enough of this site - I could spend hrs and hrs DYI'ing their stuff :) These will look so pretty on tanned summer arms :) For Instructions, CLICK HERE!!
here are my first two attempts - I haven't bought any materials so just used what i had in my little box. I used a charm from an old necklace and embroidery thread (not ideal, chinese knotting cord is better) which makes it a bit looser but works for now. Now that i remember how to do it, i will 'invest' in some better materials. I made the coral macrame bracelet with silver charm and the glass bead 'friendship' bracelet...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

SAGE love....

Here's the latest addition..It took me a while to make something from the sage silk i dyed i few months ago but hopefully worth the wait. This design keeps coming up in my portfolio but i just love it. It's so easy to wear, summer as winter and for sure from day to evening.

I can make this to order but please keep in mind that color and patterns may not be identical as it is all hand dyed but i will do my best to make it as similar as possible.:)

Price on order : £135

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Color Splurge...

Bright colors are so uplifting and it's a must in your wardrobe as well as on your face and nails...Love it!
Here are a few inpsirational images to brighten your day. Dress brightly and make the world smile <3

Images from top: Ferragamo S/S 12, Mulberry S/S 12, Milani Runway Eye Fashion, Jason Wu S/S 12

Saturday, 14 April 2012

If you do one thing this week...

Make sure it is a trip to Bristol M Shed to see the 'An eye for fashion' exhibition
(or at least look it up online if you're not local, worth having a peek)

'An Eye For Fashion' is an exhibition of Norman Parkinson Photographs and
British Designers 1954-1964

A stunning exhibition of vintage fashion photography by Norman Parkinson, one of Britian's most significant portrait and fashion photographers of the 20th century. The portfolio represents the British fashion designers who laid the foundations for today's fashion industry.

Displaying over 60 rare vintage photographs from the Angela Williams Archive, this unique portfolio evokes a sense of glamour, beauty and timeless elegance.

Original 50s and 60s clothing from the museum's collection will also feature, showcasing high street fashion designs from this period.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Must-Have..(or do)

This must be the ultimate DIY blog ever!! Sooo many cool, fun things to make and with good and simple instructions - Right, im off DIY'ing now... Enjoy the site x

Click here!

Oooh, i say.....

I have fallen head over heels.....
Been rummaging through the internet for inspiration again and i am so in love with bright bright colours at the moment (and flowers like always) so when i came across this site, i felt instantly refreshed and ready to start my next project. This gives me sooo many ideas and i'd love to decorate the house (or even garden) with these for a lovely summery party...or maybe even on a dress ;)

Doesn't look too difficult either so why don't you let yourself get inspired too and have a go :)

DIY Crepe Flowers

Monday, 26 March 2012

ART for CHARITY ....

The lovely Charlotte Latham has generously donated one of her resin paintings to be auctioned off for the amazing charity, Trekstock (Supporting young people with cancer,

This painting is worth £1795 but the bid will start at only £0.99 on Ebay and is listed for a week - This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a Charlotte Latham original at a very reduced price - But price aside, ALL proceedings will go to Trekstock so please, if you feel generous, start bidding :) All for a great cause

About Trekstock:

Officially launched in March 2010, Trekstock supports young people with cancer, by raising funds for life saving research and awareness through music, fashion and art collaborations, and organised trekking experiences.

Trekstock is working with the very best Cancer Research UK scientists as we attempt to help prevent, diagnose, treat, and ultimately beat cancer and thanks to major advances in treatment, around three quarters of children, teenagers and young adults with cancer are now successfully treated.

Although a young charity, with internationally respected musician Mark Ronson as a Patron, Trekstock draws support from many influential artists worldwide as well as from publications such as Vogue, The Sunday Times and NME. Trekstock has grown rapidly over a short period of time, helping to raise vital awareness and support for this important cause.

To go to the Ebay listing, click here !

About Charlotte Latham:

WALK into any room featuring Charlotte Latham's work and her beautifully blurry world literally stands out.

Close up, the lusciously textured oils, resins and sculptures have an abstract quality, yet stand back and they sharpen – into the riotous splendour of a poppy field in bud, a rain-lashed city skyline, a nude woman reclining in ecstasy or the mingling mulch of snow and earth.

Sometimes flagrant and joyous, sometimes melancholic and introspective, but always nurtured by nature, her works are, as one critic put it, both touching and "crying out to be touched".

Charlotte's signature is her painstaking application of resin against a backdrop of pristine white canvas. It is a highly skilled and unforgiving technique that she has been honing for more than a decade and is typified by her famous Budfields as well as her Polka, Discoid and Bubbles collections.

Ink, wax and various metals have all made it into Charlotte's canvases and sculptures, yet one of the few materials she does not use – pure water – infuses all her imagery. It is there in her earthy snow, rotting leaves and rainswept cityscapes, in her glassy bubbles and polished polka dots and of course in her Waterbuds collection with its mouthwatering melding of molten mango, lime and raspberry colours. Her stunning oils, meanwhile, have a metallic sheen as though rendered in mercury or glimpsed through the sheets of a rainstorm.

Charlotte was born in North Devon and spent several years in Germany before returning to England to study fine art. Throughout her studies she spent time working with international artists in California and this both inspired and influenced much of her work.

Her art has been exhibited in galleries throughout the UK and is held in private and corporate collections in Britain and overseas.

See Charlotte's website, click here !

Monday, 19 March 2012

Burning cheeks and freckles....

I had a couple of hours without the children and could work without least that's what i thought. The sun was just too warm and beautiful to be missed so i made myself a nice cuppa, sat myself down on the bench in the garden and read my latest ELLE mag for inspiration - Bliss!! My face is still warm and happy =)

L.O.V.E spring!!

A Beautiful Day.....

Spring is definately least for today and it is making me very productive. My dyeing has been done and the making of the next dress has well and truly started -Thanks to bright blue skies, my Orla Kiely notebook and beautiful silks, i didn't have to put an awful lot of effort in to think of what type of dress to make.. here's a little preview of what is in the making =)

Have a stunning day X

Thursday, 15 March 2012

S.P.R.I.N.G is here...(nearly)

So, it is definitaly time to be creative again and make some pretty dresses ready for the new season.. Like always, i go mad with the dye and have done three different colours now - My plan is to make the same dress but in three color varities...Watch this space :) I have cut the patterns now and hoping to start on the first dress tonight but for now, here's a little taster of the colors :)
Have a lovely rest of the day :)