Saturday, 14 April 2012

If you do one thing this week...

Make sure it is a trip to Bristol M Shed to see the 'An eye for fashion' exhibition
(or at least look it up online if you're not local, worth having a peek)

'An Eye For Fashion' is an exhibition of Norman Parkinson Photographs and
British Designers 1954-1964

A stunning exhibition of vintage fashion photography by Norman Parkinson, one of Britian's most significant portrait and fashion photographers of the 20th century. The portfolio represents the British fashion designers who laid the foundations for today's fashion industry.

Displaying over 60 rare vintage photographs from the Angela Williams Archive, this unique portfolio evokes a sense of glamour, beauty and timeless elegance.

Original 50s and 60s clothing from the museum's collection will also feature, showcasing high street fashion designs from this period.

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