Friday, 5 September 2014

A trip down memory lane....

In the last couple of days i have been looking through my old sketches and pictures and found loads of good (and not so good) stuff. Its fun looking through and to see how i develop and change my style over the years. Coming from a very creative family, i think the need to create things is in my blood and my strongest memories from my childhood is sitting in my grandfather`s studio and showroom, watching him cut patterns and create the most amazing coats. He was a tailor and one of the best in his field - I remember trying on the coats, wearing the tape measure round my neck and the pin pad on my arm, pretending i was creating too. I think this was definitely (although unaware at the time) the pivotal point in my creative life :) Anyway, i digress - I started making clothes for my dolls, then tops and t-shirts for myself and eventually started getting some sewing lessons from my equally creative mum and attempted dresses and coats as well. I stopped for a few years but after having children, i started again and last night i found a picture of the very first commissioned dress i had. Looking at it now, i have no idea what i was thinking but it was a success and very appreciated. Take a look ;)

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